Saturday, March 5, 2011

A little training motivation.

The snow continues to come down in Leavenworth.  Thoughts of dry local rock have been replaced with rooster tails of deep powder, steep chutes, and cliff drops.

While i'm not really complaining (and packing up to go tour right now),  I am currently stuck between two sports.  Too entranced with the powder to stop riding, but with an impending spring break trip to Red Rocks to hook up with my good friend Blake Herrington, too disciplined to stop training for the rock.  So for now I do it all.  A half day tour balanced with a study session, some plastic pulling, a ring workout, and perhaps a bit of campusing.

In an effort to provide a little motivation to myself and my readers, here is a video shot and edited by my neighbor Mike Tremberth last fall.  I am featured in the video climbing a fun V7 at the JY Boulders called Nosebleed.  Also in the video is some footage of Kyle O on The Strainer, a challenging V9 that I pulled off last fall as my first problem of the grade (it must be an V8!!!).  Hope you enjoy and don't stop training folks, climbing season should be just around the corner....

Leavenworth Bouldering Fall 2010 from Mike Tremberth on Vimeo.

And for those who need some motivation to get out and ride, another great video by Mike:

Untitled from Mike Tremberth on Vimeo.