Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Hyped on Hyperspace

Sorry it's been so long folks. While i've done lots of different climbing since I last posted, most recently, Jens Holsten and myself made a Sunday run up Hyperspace on Snow Creek Wall.

Hyperspace is a 7-8 pitch 11a that takes the burliest line up SCW.  Years ago I had climbed the route with good friend Tyree, surprisngly, Jens had never been up the route and was eager to give it a burn.   A cool and cloudy Sunday found us with the wall all to ourselves.

Highlights include taking the psycho whipper on the Psychopath (twice!) when I botched the sequence, and watching Jens send a dripping wet Pressure Chamber onsight.  Yeah buddy!!

Remeber that nice campspot right by the creek crossing? Well, it's been obliterated:

The Psychopath!

Jens looking down from 1/2 way up the Pressure Chamber:


The last pitch (so cool!):

Hope everyone's having a great spring and making it outside.