Saturday, September 22, 2012

Let it Burn

On September 1st Adam Lawson and myself took an onsight burn up Let it Burn on Colchuck Balanced Rock. I had been holding off on climbing this route for a couple years until I felt strong enough for an onsight attempt, fresh off a free ascent of Dragons of Eden on D-tail I felt now was as good a time as ever. Well.... didn't onsight, but had a great day out and gave a damn good effort. Adam did great too, nice solid whippers on the 11- pitch.

Hats off to Max Hasson and Jens Holsten on their impressive FA of this incredible route. Those guys put in some serious work to establish this mega-classic. No doubt Let it Burn and the new variation Accendo Lunae are the best routes on CBR and I'll go as far as saying the whole state. Flawless stone, incredible knobs/cracks/flakes, wild position, steep, and STOUT, what more could you ask for?

Plans to return with Jon Pobst and Icicle TV for the redpoint and some filming have been postponed due to forest fires, smoke, and CLOSURE of the west side of the Enchantments. Guess for now we'll just have to Let it Burn.

Mr. Lawson: Guaranteed to eat you under the table in the mountains.
I could do a whole blog post simply on how much food Adam eats in the hills. In the above photo notice my mesh bag of food on the left (a healthy amount) and Mr. Lawson's grocery bag of goodies on the right. Never before has a partner of mine pulled out a cucumber to munch on at the belay, or a friggin carrot. 

Bourbon BBQ Chicken Finger Bagel Sandwich - BOOM!

Isn't it ironic.. don't you think?

Psyched for a cold finger onsight burn of the crux.

Adam seconding P2: 5.12-

Amazing Features

Flawless Stone

P3: 11-
I personally found the crux 12- pitch not so bad, but the two 11+ pitches up high seemed hella stout. Especially P4...  SANDBAG!! By the time you top this rig out you've climbed so much overhanging terrain it feels like you've done weighted pull-ups all day long.

Adam about to do work in the Power Flare, P5: 11+

Nice job on stepping up to this stout lead Adam!

Ain't nobody gonna live the dream for ya!

Short days, cold nights.

It ain't over til you send the Balanced Rock boulder problem, Adam on the tippy.

A couple photos of Hasson's revised topo, don't know if this format helps anyone..


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